Mark Zuckerberg Addresses MisInformation

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CBS This Morning host Gayle King repeatedly pressed Zuckerberg on how many people had viewed pandemic misinformation on Facebook, but he would not answer directly

He continued, ‘Now do we catch everything? Of course, there are mistakes that we make or areas where we need to improve, but that’s the best number that we have in terms of what we’ve seen and what our systems have been able to detect.’

King pressed him further, ‘Those are two separate issues. You’ve taken down 18 million pieces of misinformation, but how many people have viewed the misinformation?’

‘The White House has said at one point that Facebook is killing people. That was very bold and very blunt and provocative, and I think at one point the president walked that back,’ she added.

‘I understand what you’re saying,’ replied Zuckerberg. ‘The number that I have off the top of my head that I can share is the number of pieces of misinformation that we’ve taken action against.’

Zuckerberg also insisted that millions have used Facebook’s vaccine finder to locate appoints for shots and that hundreds of millions had visited the site’s coronavirus hub to get authoritative misinformation.

In July, President Joe Biden publicly accused Facebook of ‘killing people’ with misinformation, though he later tempered the statement.

At the other end of the political spectrum, Republicans have grown increasingly enraged with the social media giant over what they see as too much censorship.