Don’t be scared of the truth!

45000 people dead within 3 days of getting the covid19 jab. so very sad.
See the Lawsuit.

We are going to talk with our very special guest,  this is Christopher Key,  with the Vaccine Police. Christopher has been on the front lines of exposing the vaccine for months and he has a phone call recorded with the FDA where he went through and asked about the ingredients in the vaccines and it was really phenomenal.  Christopher- I’ve had some pretty major victories in Alabama with the schools. We were able to put together documents that we presented to the Jefferson County Board of Education, the President, the Superintendent, and the Secretary of the Treasury.  These documents specifically stated that these guys did not tell the children and the parents of Jefferson County about the constitution and how it gives a religious and medical exemption, that keeps them from wearing a mask. And if they didn’t tell the children and parents then they would be committing fraud. also when I told him that this paperwork.