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Hear It From Me, Christopher Key

My name is Christopher Key, I have owned a health club called Steel City Fitness, which specialized in health and wellness, and co-owned SWATS,  a company with its own controversy. I also started a company called Health Management Systems that utilized a device that measures body fat.

I have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and I helped professional athletes and the public without drugs, chemicals, and surgery until the government came and seized everything he owned and shut me down. This happened seven years ago.

I was recently fired from my job of six years for being a patriot and standing against a tyrannical school board in Alabama. Because of these efforts, the mask mandate was lifted, and kids will not have to provide proof of inoculation to return to in-person learning in the fall.

Since publicly announcing that victory and encouraging fellow Americans to fight against the unconstitutional mandates, I was fired from my job by my ‘bully boss.’

Rather than feeling sorry for myself, I have responded to a higher calling and will be traveling the country to fight for YOUR KIDS!

Featured on the Stew Peters Show!

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Documents that can Help You Make the Change in Your Town/City

Vaccine Waiver
Link to Religious Exemption Waiver for Michigan Workers.
Script on how to make phone calls to Superintendent or CEO's
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